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PICTURE THIS! Saskatchewan's first PET-CT at Royal University Hospital

PET-CT is the most advanced type of full-body medical imaging that provides earlier and improved diagnosis and faster treatment for patients of all ages. PET-CT scans, which produce three-dimensional images of processes inside the body, provide clinical information that is not available from diagnostic tests such as MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) exams. A CT scan identifies a mass and notes its size and density, and a PET scan can help determine whether a mass is a malignant tumour or benign.

While mostly used in cancer cases, PET-CT also has applications in brain and cardiac functions for the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy, dementia and movement disorders and determining heart muscle viability or coronary artery disease.

Find out how PET-CT can impact lives. Read Courtney's story here.

Thanks to generous donors, Saskatchewan’s first PET-CT has been installed and the first patient was scanned on May 1, 2013!

Please consider donating to the Picture This! Campaign as we continue to support research and education in nuclear medicine. Call the RUH Foundation at 306-655-1984 or donate online.







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