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A Christmas Gift

Gary Bauer was spending Christmas vacation at the family's “second home” in the resort community of Emma Lake, north of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, when he suffered a heart attack. It came as a complete surprise. “I’d had a full medical a month before and everything checked out fine, so I just thought I had the flu,” recalls Gary (pictured on the right with his family).

By 6:30 the next morning, Gary knew something was wrong. He was examined at Victoria Hospital in Prince Albert, where doctors informed him he was having a heart attack. An ambulance brought him to Royal University Hospital for surgery. A little more than a week after the heart attack, Gary was back home in Calgary.

“The day after I got home, I made a donation to Royal University Hospital. It was a small expression of thanks and gratitude to the exceptional people who made my Christmas the very best. I am so grateful that the unfortunate circumstances unfolded in a manner that allowed me treatment in a first-class cardiac centre.”

Gary’s gift was allocated to the Royal Vital Care Campaign and will be used to help purchase a new vital sign monitor for cardiac care at RUH. Did you make a donation to RUH Foundation in gratitude for the dedicated care that you or a loved one received at RUH? Tell us your story by email.




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