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Darren Lefebvre’s heart has stopped four times. The first time in 2002, Darren was playing WHL junior hockey in Spokane, Washington. After a hard check to the boards, he collapsed on the bench without a pulse.

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Fortunately, there was a portable defibrillator at the ice rink and Darren was revived. At the hospital in Spokane, an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) was placed in his chest. If the ICD detects a fatal heart rhythm, it automatically shocks the heart back to action. Since that fateful day in 2002, the ICD has shocked him three times.

"Each time it shocks me, it saves my life,” says Darren, who hails from Rosetown. “It’s pretty amazing technology.”

A few years ago, the ICD in Darren’s heart had to be replaced. However, he had to leave the province for this advanced procedure of Cardiac Electrophysiology. With the success of the Every Heart Matters Campaign, Darren and others like him will be able to undergo EP procedures close to home, with their familiar cardiologists and loved ones nearby. “My mom and dad were really excited to hear that!” says Darren.

Please support the Every Heart Matters Campaign so that people like Darren can be treated close to their homes and families here in Saskatchewan. Call the RUH Foundation 306-655-1984 or donate online.




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