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Royal University Hospital Foundation raises funds for the benefit of Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon, the primary trauma and treatment hospital serving the province of Saskatchewan. Since its inception in 1983, the Foundation has raised more than $100 million for RUH.

Your donations are invested in three pillars of medical excellence: ground-breaking research, advanced training and superior patient care. These investments are made in careful consultation with the Saskatoon Health Region to ensure the optimum impact on medical care in our hospital.

Each year a portion of philanthropic contributions raised by the Royal University Foundation are directed by donors towards specific designated programs and initiatives. As a result these funds are not available for Foundation undesignated granting or operations. Undesignated donations are accounted for in the Operating Fund and therefore incur all costs to operate a year-round fundraising foundation. Although it is reasonable for undesignated donations to support these efforts it is not unreasonable for beneficiary-designated initiatives and activities to also support a portion of these costs. Beneficiaries of designated or endowment funds are otherwise unfairly enriched.

To more closely associate fundraising benefits and costs across all donations to generate a pool of resources that will be available for the operation of the Foundation, the Foundation requires a Recovery of Fundraising Costs Policy. The following guidelines have been established to clarify the policies and procedures and to ensure that:

  1. the application of this Policy is compliant with legislated regulations and with requirements that the funds are used to support priority fundraising and other priority initiatives and activities, and
  2. there is a consistent application of the policies and procedures and the policy and procedures are appropriately represented to donors.

To view the Recovery of Fundraising Costs (ROFC) Policy approved by the Board of Directors on December 10, 2013, please click here.

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At RUH Foundation, we create excellence in health care by raising funds that anticipate and respond to needs for innovative research, education and patient care at Royal University Hospital.

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Charitable Business #11927 9131 RR0001

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